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Hell On Earth

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High Hopes

Claiming something is epic, does not necessarily make it so. This is a short five, ten second loop that has words, maybe six pictures, and a blender.
The idea itself is potential epic material, of course. Many are inspired by the potential of "Hell on Earth," because many are amazed at the concept of demise.
However, something with a few pictures, no sound, nothing, does not do that concept justice.

Try animating a storyline, some damage, movement, etc....
Add sounds; screams, explosions, animalistic roars, giant waves, steel screaming by excessive heat as it tumbles off into the abyss...
Make it longer. We don't like ten second loops, unless they are pure genius. With Dora at the end of this, this flash seems to be going for comedic appeal, but that's lost on the subject.

1/5 2/10.

who-of-who responds:

um, yeah... I spent 5-6 minutes on it... It's supposed to be crap