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Steam Witch Violet

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Author Comments

This is my first game submission to Newgrounds. This was actually created as an assignment for my Flash Game class in college. My teacher actually gave us the template code for this project, but wanted us to expand from that.

I decided to do just that.

I'm still a novice at Actionscript, so I don't know how to have it so that the level changes after you beat one. Nor do I know how to have the main character explode and then respawn on-screen.

If you experience any glitches or bugs or if you have general feedback, please let me know. Please be kind and civil though.

UPDATE: I've darkened the background a bit and made the carrot enemies and background a bit slower. I've also lowered the chance for powerups to appear. I don't know how to fix the other things.

UPDATE 2: I fixed the instructions screen a bit. Thanks AtGNAT! Please PM me if you can help me make this game better.

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No level 2?

The carrots are everywhere and anything you touch takes a life. I was about to write you a nasty review but I went back and played it a fourth time. If this is your first game, and you did it on your own, then nice start.

RocMegamanX responds:

I didn't know how to make it so that the level changes after you beat it. Also, this isn't my "first" game assignment. I made two others, but those would have been blammed to heck.

Nice job!

Nicely done!

Good things:
Great for a 1st game. Lot's of good graphics and coding too.
Bad things:
The speed of the scroller/ enemies are too fast.

RocMegamanX responds:

Thanks. I'll try to slow the background and enemies down.

Totally honorable

For a first game that's a nice first try.
Yeah, of course, that's not what we could call an original game. But still, in its genre, it's well realized. The menus look ok, no problem with the music either.
The speed is quite interesting cause ennemies really come fast.
Maybe the bad point is the background which is too colored and that doesn't detach itself from the rest, which gives an impression of confusion or at least makes ennemies hard to distinguish.
Another thing is that sometimes that just doesn't work. I'm just not hitten by ennemies, or i can't take power ups. You should fix it, if you can.
The last point is that it is too... easy ! Maybe giving more life to them would be a good idea.
Anyway, i rated you as a first game, I hope you'll find my criticism constructive enough to help you make something even better for next time.
Anyway, good work for a first creation !

RocMegamanX responds:

I don't know how to make the hitbox larger.

Do I need to desaturate the background? Also, I didn't know how to program them to shoot projectiles. I didn't know how they would shoot projectiles, seeing as how they have no visible gun turrets.

Can you please help me through PM? Thanks!

How much time was given to you before deadline?

Where you've uploaded your game right now , community expects high standards.However , there will be some who will say they've "enjoyed" it.Nevertheless , this is not the time or place to write a lecture about this game.Really , there's nothing to add to it , it's your first project and I respect it and rather surprised to see this from a novice AS developer.There are still few flaws I see , which are colors.Some of the enemies are hard to notice , they blend into the backround really well , so it's annoying to lose lives because of that.You could try to polish this game , from raw code you've used here.Change the design a little , add more slick animation , get some lessons about adding achievements(a must for any game , since majority of people tend to play games more , which award you for your time) , learn how to make the witch explode and respawn on screen and try to let missiles fire rapidly when the mouse button is held down.Anyway , I wish you luck on your next projects, hope you improve fast at this easy to learn programming language and achieve what you desire , good luck :)

RocMegamanX responds:

I had about three weeks.

Needes a bit of work

Seems like the speed is too fast and there are problems with collission. But this could be a neat little shooter. Not as good as Cotton....but not bad at all.

RocMegamanX responds:

The speed of what? The background or the enemies?

Credits & Info

4.48 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2010
11:47 AM EST