Geo Gunner

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A Geometry Wars clone with a seamless upgrade tree, achievements, high scores, and awesome music by Kevin MacLeod!

Arrow Keys or WASD to move

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Well made! Fantastic, and well balanced too!


cool game

hey i give 10

game in the world

about impossible to play fully

more than 1 inche away from the enemy, i still get hit. shift doesnt work half of the time even with 3 bomb left. control are messy. I play on Firefox, everything is up to date with my plugins and all.

I like the game though. It got a good feeling. But could you get rid of all those pop-up achievement? Yeah it's good to have them and all BUT WHY ARE THEY POPPING RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN!? Block the view, waste of time and of lives. Seriously annoying.

The upgrades are fine... except the "rollover" part. You dont need to rollover, just get your ship inside the box.
Btw, the box is also very annoying when you're in the middle of 20 enemies and cant move where you want to. As soon as you stop, for even a split second, the upgrade is done. I upgraded life when i wanted gun, bomb when i wanted gun, got the wrong gun... (Yeah i suck a these games but i stil like 'em...)

graphics : Nice "old school" feelings. 2/3
Controls : "bleh" 1/3
Concept and ideas : Very good 2/3
Likeliness to replay : 0/1 not much to add.

Overall score : 5/10

But that's only MY opinion.

It's alright

I like it. I love the way it's played and I usually enjoy these kind of games. The only thing I have an issue with it's the upgrades. I wish the game would pause and let me choose an upgrade, because I usually find myself fighting for my life when the upgrade choice comes up, but end up choosing an upgrade I don't want while I'm dodging the enemies. It gets annoying when I get the side weapon and I want to focus on the main weapon. =/

Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2010
12:52 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional