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Author Comments

EDIT: THANK YOU for the reviews. Some more helpful than others, but they all are helping me ro make games just that much better. I want to hear what you have to say. You yell at me, I'll listen. C:

I hope you guys like this! It's my first flash submission! C:

Something I want to point out:
It says beta on the title screen. This IS a beta. Yes yes, it's a finished game, but I'm working on another game. This was a learning experience. Frustrating and fun, I loved it. I'm glad I'm finally done.

Time to make? <a week.

ALSO. If you see any bugs or whatnot, leave a review. If there's anything you don't understand... or if you just want help, leave a review. Oh, and if you just want to stroke my ego [I love it], leave a review. I'll do my best to say something on all of them... unless it leaves nothing to be said.

You now RESPAWN!! :O
level 4 is passable
music now loops continuously

THINGS that i'll be fixing:
on the 'long jump' level I'll make it a bit easier so you don't get pissed off like I am getting.



never died on...

the second level. I fell off and it just stays at the screen, nothing happens.

Faceacerawr responds:

Sorry about that! I fixed that respawn bug before it even got too far in judgement. Try again? :D

You need to polish this.Seriously.

It looks okay,it sounds okay,it plays okay -
but there are one very obvious and major bug.
When you die,you cannot get back up or respawn >.>

And I don't recommend having blocks drop you off right at the start of a level -
at least giving people a few second would be better.

By the way,the sprite looks horrible with the background.
Something more neutral like a blob or a stickman might fit in better : D
And so is the door (I recommend replacing it with a transparent circle).

People find this review helpful!
Faceacerawr responds:

Sorry about that! I fixed that respawn bug before it even got too far in judgement.
And sorry you hate the sprite/bg combo... and my portal t.t

Yes, I agree, I do need to polish, but... but but but. This is my first game and I'm not too worried how 'polished' it looks for now.

thanx for using my music ;)

game needs work, but the concept is good, keep working on it!

Faceacerawr responds:

I will! And thanks for making an awesome freakin' loop! :D
Actually, I'll be starting on the actual game I want to make soon [sidescrollerness]. I'll probably use your music again, along with others. :3


Second level, I fell through a brick and got stuck. Apparently I could move around, as the background continued to move opposite the direction I was traveling, but--yeah. Seems like it might be interesting if it gets that glitch, and any others, worked out.

Faceacerawr responds:

Sorry about that! I fixed that respawn bug before it even got too far in judgement. Try again? :D

Your gems need polishing

It'll be best if you used sprites and and images that you own coz Newgrounds is already discouraging the use of these materials without having a license.

In the first level you could lower the bricks at the top coz its hard to maneuver a character when you can't see where he's going (or is part of the challenge?). Why is it that when you try to get a gem you fall right through? Maybe it's a glitch. I couldn't progress through the second level coz the bricks at the middle were placed too far from the left side and the brick going to the gem. I'd say it's needlessly difficult.

Faceacerawr responds:

Yeah, that's the second level you're talking about, the crappy tutorial/ level is the first. :p And yeah, i did that on purpose. The gem on that level is placed on disappearing bricks on purpose. None others in the game are like that. Don't worry about the gems if you can't get them, it's just for show in this game... an extra challenge.

And yes, you're completely right about the sprites and images. I actually plan on making EVERYTHING in the actual/second version of this game. As I said... this is a beta/learning experience.

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Credits & Info

2.47 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2010
12:49 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle