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Jay Needs Friends

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A unique premise for a game, instead of collecting 'coins' in a level, you collect friends! Once you grab a friend, they follow you through the level, and are susceptible to the same traps that you are! Proceed at your own risk, the difficulty ramps up quickly!

Arrow keys to move.
Spacebar to use special ability in later levels.

Esc and Spacebar can also be used as shortcut keys in the menus.

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Pretty good

Simple concept, simple game, simple fun.

+9001 for using Jay (my name) as the one needing friends.

*weeps silently*

It's alright.

It's a good idea, but the issue comes from the fact that most of these 'friends' are fucktardedly slow. That would be fine and manageable, were it not for the QUICKLY moving death platforms and the time limit.


I can't tell how good this game is, because I can only play level 1


Poor yay