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Confrontation:Nuke affair

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Author Comments

Terrorists have initiated a major ambush in trying to steal nuclear fuel cells from our secret base. Get deployed immediately and protect our nuclear fuel cells at all costs!

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the screen dosent follow with you when you move back wards, other than it being tiny n hard to see its a good but hard game. shouldve just mad eit paintball and capture the flag though

Is it beatable?

I never managed to capture an ennemy "nuke" (and never allowed the to steal mine) --- Wait i just did.. how did i manage this? No clue.. i just managed to capture it once. I must have died 40 times to succeed.

... and now we "lost 2 to 1", but we actually won??? What?

Paying cash for a single use of a weapon feels wastefull.. so i never bother. Woudnt mind if we started with a equipement set, like a bit of armor, 1 grenade and our gun.

The main problem the game have is the fact that its linear. I dont see how we can sucessfully escape with the "nuke" alive when ennemies can respawn on top of us in their base at any time and by the time we get there we lost all our HP.

Maybe if we had several ways to get in (like, 3 parralel paths to reach the objective, kinda like that boat map) so its possible to get in without having to face the whole army.
The problem is that even tha isnt possible; the enenmy spwan everywhere in its base, and shoot at us from many directions so we are dead in seconds.

I find it hard to tell where exactly my shots are going. Smoke effects seems to pop anywhere and i dont understand why. Cover is VERY Unreliable. Sometiem a shot goes though, sometimes not.. feels really random. (oh wait there are angles at play here.. but the CPU seems to ignore some of this?! CONFUSING!!!)

Weapons all look and feel the same so its impossible to tell who got what (not that it matters since once they are dead.. its all lost)

If i dont do something about it, the CPU absolutely, completely, ridiculously OWN the anti-terrorsit team. So much its not even funny.

Didnt like it. Gameplay doesnt work well and it hurt the game.

Wedi responds:

Thanks for review!
It's pretty easy to get enemy nuke if you play wisely.
You can't just run and shoot :)