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God at the skating park

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My friend Waldemar (W-P-S) had a mini comic strip he made and I decided to animate it, cause its hilarious and i hadnt done an animation in forever and i was interested in animating something that is someone else's vision.

I made this in a few hours so.


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Important Review for a funny flash.

Hi Luis.


Well, I have to give you guys credit for having some good animation. I was reminded of the pyramid from the dollar bills, I knew that was familiar. My main problem with this is that nothing seems to happen. I don't understand the joke of how God doesn't exist. I mean, yes, I can understand how that could be a joke in itself, but what does it have to do with going skating? At least you had talented people helping you.

I just want something to have a lot more of a punchline. It was good with how everything seemed to be designed in a specific way. I guess it's supposed to represent how God is scared or something? I know I would feel that way if I ever went to a skating park. This was perhaps your strangest submission, but it looks like an experiment.

weak and wrong

that is the symbol for the all seeing eye which is applicable to anyone who has a full grasp on the situation god has is all powerful and compassionate

Wh - - Whut?

Okay, unexpected.


It says at the end A SHORT COMIC! Also hans sounds plenty like a woman :p