Madness of Cthulhu

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This is my first attempt to create a flash movie; done for my digital art class.

Update 12/7:
Thanks for all the helpful reviews everyone. We had our critique today and I throughly impressed the hell out of my instructor, haha. I'll be revisiting this in the near future, adding music, reanimating some of the clumsier bits, and redrawing a few things. Again thanks for the reviews, they are definitely helpful.


well, better than many first attempts i've seen

at some point the art style reminded me of van gogh


needs sound or music

Pretty cool.

Your art style is pretty cool, but since you're an art student it makes sense. You definitely need sound, the transitions are terrible without any sound at all. Also, don't tween all the time, it is pretty useful but it cools odd sometimes, especially with the tentacles and stuff, cause they don't move in straight lines, and even if you break it up into little and little and little pieces it still wouldn't look like Frame by Frame (FBF) drawing. It loops too, but all people get better with time, so I'll wait for your next work.

Would make a better comic.

You draw well. Very well. Credit where credit is due for that. But the quality of your still art just calls starker attention to the crudeness of your animated elements. The motion tweened limbs maintain poor contact with the joints, and the way the protagonist's hair stands out board-stiff from his head is especially bad. Your jerky shape distortion does not nearly achieve the intended (I assume?) effect of being windswept in the first shot, and the second shot calls worse attention to it by having his ponytail hold still while he moves his head. The way the tentacles move while he struggles against them is another low point that looked especially unrealistic.

The hero's ponytail also appears to be in a different color than the rest of his hair in later shots, kind of a warmer shade of brown. That threw me off a little. Also, at the end, Cthulhu's hand can't seem to make up its mind whether it's bone-grey or green, and in the final shot pulls a grey palm with green fingers. I can only assume that's an error.

Your art really does have potential, but right now attempts to animate it are really detracting a lot more than they add. I think this could have been better presented in a fashion like Broken Saints ( http://www.newgrounds.com/collection/
brokensaints ) at least until you become a lot more comfortable with animation tools.

not bad

better than other things i've seen, good luck with your digital art class

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Dec 6, 2010
5:23 PM EST