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America Nuked

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After the collapse of the North Korean regime a rogue commander has stolen a nuclear submarine. He has ten nuclear missiles and is targetting North America.

Play as an American and use the missile defence system to defend the USA and her Canadian ally.
Play as the crazy commander and wreak havoc with your nuclear weapons.

Update: I've added a new game mode so you can play as the USA and fight back against the nukes!
Please dont be offended by being the target in a video game, it's only a game! North America is targetted because it's a world real scenario and is more original than other war game targets..

I'm re-adding this game to NewGrounds since I've had requests to play it. I've added the new game mode and changed a few things. Hope you enjoy it..

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not bad

its ok just needs music, a cutscene, and a prelude video game about the 2nd korean war


This game is horrible and worthless. This game should have been BLAMED.

luv blowing up shit

and now i can nuke the world .......
ok just canada and usa - but that's a start

too easy...

interesting idea! all it needs is music and possible story... other than that keep at it!

It could've been better.

It was pretty entertaining for a few minutes but when I played as the North Korean nation, when I directly hit cities, it only added a few thousand points. Also, the game looks a bit dated, but other than those small details I enjoyed it and I hope you continue if you wish.