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In SkyAngel, your goal is to rack up as many points as possible by defeating enemies and hopping on clouds.

[A]/[D] - Move Left/Right
[Space] - Jump; Hold to Fly
[Q, E, R, T]/Select from side panel - Magic
[Mouse] - Aim; Click to Fire

New Version! 1.0.3
-Improved Controls
-Select Magic in the Right Panel
-Improved Player Speed
-Charge time for Super Arrow Lowered
-Minor Bug Fixes
-Added Leaderboard Button to Title Screen

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There's potential

The controls are slow and a little sluggish, the gameplay as is is a bit too slow (needs more monsters) and the cloud jumping doesn't work very well. There's also no visual signal that you're getting the claimed multiplier from cloud hopping. I like the arrow mechanics though and the fish guys are kind of fun to fight. The random bullets from the right side are annoying though and sometimes there's no good way to dodge; sometimes one hits you into another and kills you too.

Make it more intense is what I'm saying. I also don't care for purely score based games myself, a progression of enemies or levels or something would be nice.

Volerikan responds:

The sluggish control issue has been improved in the latest update.

I do agree with you about the Cloud Multiplier visuals, that'll come in a future update. And the bullets coming from the side I can probably adjust a little bit by making them a little slower.

The game does get a little bit harder when you reach later levels, the fireballs from the right become more frequent and eventually the monsters will start shooting them at you too.

But thank you for the feedback, definitely going to consider it in 1.0.4.

It has potential...

Quite nice flow in gameplay.
Simple game which most (if not anyone) can enjoy.

One thing could've been better though. The controls.
Enable custom key config and your score will go a bit higher.

Volerikan responds:

The controls in a game like this are a bit hard to get right. I tried going for a more-first person shooter control scheme.

But, I'll try out alternate configurations (mainly ones easier on the hand). Possibly even drop the Q, E, R, T keys for Magic and use mainly the mouse on the right panel.

But thank you for the feedback! I'll look into it.


It's a good premise, but I found the movement controls rather unresponsive. I would try to move left or right, and the character would move ever so slowly in the direction I was telling her to. That and the special arrows would launch by themselves after a moment, making them virtually useless against the fast moving enemies.

Volerikan responds:

Thank you for the feedback! The movement speed was something I was playing around with. Couldn't decide if I liked it better slower or faster. But I have a lot mixed feedback on it, something I'll definitely look into.

And the special arrows were designed like that. But I can try playing around with that, possibly lowering the time it takes to charge, making them easier to use.

Credits & Info

4.11 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2010
11:09 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun