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The Outpost

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Ray Of Hope 5 Points

Destroy the Carrier.

Killer 10 Points

Destroy 300 invaders.

Explorer 25 Points

Complete six optional levels.

Hoarder 25 Points

Accumulate 2000 cash on one level.

Completion 50 Points

Complete the final level of the game.

Mastery 50 Points

Receive 5 Star Rating on six levels.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

This is my first flash game ever. it's actually inspired by this typing tutor mini-game that I played when I was very young wherein there are ships dropping down on your city and you have to type words attached to them to destroy them. I just took that idea and twist it into a defense game. I hope you guys appreciate my efforts :D

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Nice little game. Considering it's your first game, congratulations! It's very well done.

Things to consider:

* Difficulty is okay - for the average player, only the later levels (especially the last one) will give some trouble. The rest are either easy, moderate or requires some micromanaging.

* Completionist difficulty is not okay: IT'S ABSURD. I've been playing this for hours and yet I cannot achieve five stars in most levels. The best I can do is 4-stars. The main reason for this is because I exceed the scales spent on upgrades. Since farming scales and spending them on upgrades is the main condition to victory, I believe it is outright impossible to 5-star some of the levels, and extremely difficult to do so on others. This means the "Mastery" medal is extremely hard to achieve and probably one of the hardest medals not only on NG but maybe on all flash gaming communities to be achieved - Even considering the sidequests bonuses.

*Speaking of: There are 2 sidequests that are now permanently locked away because the site they were played on (presumably) is now defunct (also, presumably). They probably awarded nice bonuses which helped completion of the game, and maybe 5-starring some levels.

*Micro Managins pays off: It's the main mechanic of the game that allows for better scores. Since there is limited time and resources, MM makes all the differente. It's possible to beat the game without MM most of the towers, but if you want stars you will need a lot of skill using MM (Portal towers require MM)

*The game provide VERY USEFUL tips that help out on new levels and teach the player the strategy needed to win and possibly to achieve 5 stars on levels, but I still think that it is impossible to do 5-stars on ALL levels.

Overall it's a good game, but maybe not great due to the sheer difficulty in achieving medals now.

I was pretty amazed at how hard this game turned out to be. I played on the original level and I couldn't get past it at all. The weirdest part was that I actually accidentally went on the harder second level first and didn't have any trouble with it! There have been a ton of games released lately. This is among the strangest, because it was hard to get ahead. I do have to give you credit for having some really nice graphics. I liked the way the towers wiggled as they fired.

There could have been a lot more space used for you to shoot up the enemies. At least all of the graphics were nicely made. The sound effects are pretty good too and I like how everything syncs up so well. I didn't like it enough to recommend it, though. It does seem pretty good for a first flash game.


This game would be so fun, if it weren't for a bunch of tiny details that make me want to pull my hair out. First, if there are parts of the game that can only be played on another site, then fucking TELL ME THAT. I don't want to be halfway in only to discover I need to start all over to play all the levels. Second, a button that allows you to quit in a game. If I realize halfway into a round that I've lost, there's still 80 seconds on the clock, I'd like a way to NOT have to either wait for the aliens to kill me or wait for time to run down. Third, why can't you rebuild buildings after destroying them? Or at least let us sell upgrades? If rounds were replayable this would just be a small nuisance, but since they aren't not being able to reshuffle your structures when you mess up is annoying as hell.

mapacible responds:

Heya, thanks for raising your criticisms. Let me try to respond to your points 1 by 1:
#1 i would think that the teagames optional level are obvious from the moment you load the selection menu as they are clearly marked with a teagames icon, anyway they are optional and the bonus provided would not majorly affect your game
#2 there is indeed a button to quit the current level and it is that House icon below the timer on the lower right side of the menu
#3 if you can rebuild buildings when they are destroyed, people can abuse it by destroying it right when it is about to get destroyed by the invaders

Awesome game.


2 cents

For being your first flash game. Its pretty good. Great job. I hope to see more games from you.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2010
6:58 AM EST