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Directions- Put the quality on medium, not on high or low. Enjoy. Sorry the loading screen is supposed to say that you should understand that all original gundam models are buy SUNRISE inc. So enough said, get ready for one long as movie, over 10 minutes!


not bad

y can you delete the text in the animation by clicking and presin backspace?

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this was a good flash
although the beam sabre did kinda sound cheesy with the lightsabre noise

but still this was good and funny

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I liked it

Of course I've seen better, but you deserve the credit... it did not suck like others i have seen. like other people who reviewed this, i noticed that some details were missing. (I thought Wing Gundam and the other four came to Earth disguised as meteors). and since when did the beam saber make a Star Wars lightsaber sound? but enough criticism, the work you put in was decent enough, and im impressed. (i've seen alot of Gundam flash that is crap).


well you captured Heero Yuy's mood quite well and to me it was quite entertaining to see some one make a Gundam Wing flash and all but the Lightsaber really killed it you should have kept the origional Japanese Mobile Suit Beam Sabers as a side weapon for the Wing Gundam but i think this movie was quite good with a nice twist so far this is the only Gundam Wing flash that really captures Heero Yuy's character as a lone wolf that dosen't depend on allies for help you got my Thankz and for crying out loud a LightSaber no that does not make sence in a Gundam Wing flash only use that for StarWars ok anyways to all the people that read my comment Thank you

yours truely, |BrandonHeat|

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Pretty good

Everything was decent. It's just that it would have been better had the Gundam's movements(like slashing with the beam saber)been more fluid and natural. Also, the beam saber's green, not red.
The loop of backround music was kida annoying.

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2.97 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2002
5:10 PM EDT
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