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PSA about youtube trolls

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Author Comments

This animation was made for my youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/trol lsnews this is channel where I'm making reports about trolls activity on youtube. Not to get rid off trolls, just to let people know they are trolls, so that people won't rage about them.

Public service announcements were made for my audience so they know how to be a troll, how to recognize a troll and how to counter attack a troll. These PSAs are mostly promotional material for trolls news.

I really hope you'll like it!

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I have a fucking brain!
Time to start trollin <3

PSA funny

about troll, this is really is it funny mention on youtube

Great PSA

This really helped my troll situation, not to mention that it was funny.!

PrivateJoker152 responds:

Thanks, always happy to help :) you can find more informations on youtube channel :)


This was f***ing hilarious! I never realized that behind the scenes there was a wizard unicorn all along! :O

I don't suppose you'll make more? O.o

Great animation, but...

The voice in it were so fucking annoying that I have to take a star off for that. I have to take another star off for the humor. It was funny, but only in the beginning cause I have often wondered why police officers were so stupid. so 8/10