Radical Fishing

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Grab your fishing hook...and your gun! Cast your fishing lure and get as far down as possible. When you snag a fish, try and grab all the fish you can. When they fly to the surface, grab your gun and blow the crap out of them.

Use the mouse to move the fishing hook and use the left click to increase/decrease the speed of sinking. Aim and shoot at the fish, using the mouse.


never had this much fun fishing off a lake lol

i really liked this game when it first turned on and i saw "bob" i was like this game isnt gonna be any good but i was greatly suprised

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Simple, Fun, Addictive

This is without a doubt a fantastic game. The challenge (catching the fish) is straight-forward, the reward enjoyable (and a lesser challenge to boot, shooting the fish).

The humor of the game is somewhat juvenile and unrefined, and the graphics and music are very simple-and I do mean simple, and not basic. The artwork is really sub-par and the music is repetitive and reminiscent of freeware Windows titles of old (like Chip's Revenge).

Fortunately the game mechanic is such a wonderful contraption that these things are easy to overlook. If a better tune (or set of tunes) and some more sophisticated art could be cobbled into this, it would easily get a 10 from me.

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good game, nice sound however,

if you buy the mini gun and afterwards buy the shotgun RPG, anything lower, you cannot get it back.

Also, Isn't there a way to speed up ascent?

Why can't I shoot the guy? It would be funny it you could... even better if might even shoot back.

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rawkin, but...

I wish i could unbuy the business suit

after i got the business suit i knew i had sold out, it wasn't even about the fishing anymore mann

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is just incredible

very good game i really like it just need some more new fish and better weapons

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4.24 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2010
6:35 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun