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Bubble Raid

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Use all 4 powerups in a single run.


Last longer than 1 minute in a single run.

250 POPPED 10 Points

Pop 250 bullets in a single run.

PACIFIST 10 Points

Go 30 seconds without popping a single bubble.

750 POPPED 25 Points

Pop 750 bullets in a single run.


Infect 8 bubbles with 1 red bullet.

RICOCHET 25 Points

Bounce 1 green bullet off 15 bubbles.


Last longer than 5 minutes in difficult.


Last longer than 5 minutes in onslaught.


Finish the normal course without dying.

SIXTH SENSE 100 Points

Last longer than 5 minutes in invisible challenge.


Finish the difficult course without dying.

Author Comments

Pop as many bubbles as you can. Your ship is the mouse pointer. Hold down SPACE or X to stop it from rotating (thanks CacheHelper for the suggestion!). Otherwise your ship turns to point toward the direction of movement.

The controls take some getting used to. Play "Onslaught" (great mode for quick games) to get used to the movement. Flying in arcs rather than straight lines works well. Red infector bullets FTW. Bubbles can't see through obstacles - learn to divert their attention.

I developed this game more than a year ago (actually my first flash game!), but for some reason I never uploaded it to Newgrounds. This new updated version now has NG achievement medals, NG scoreboards, a more streamlined look, and many more bubbles to pop!

The course levels are meant to be hard, and you need to be able to navigate your ship through tight spaces. You have been warned!

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The game becomes rather easy when the mechanics are figured out. "Teleporting" by taking the cursor out of the window makes the ship unable to shoot properly, but "small jumps" are still allowed (dev oversight lol). Also, pausing the game numerous times to adjust the ship is possible and makes the hardest challenges easier.

Sadly, the game lags a LOT as the screen fills with bubbles and bullets and that makes everything else easier, as the reaction time increases dramatically. Couple that with proper positioning on RED powerups (gamebreaking, more of) and a screen can be easily cleared out without much effort. Why the game lags so much is a mistery because it's a fairly simple interface, nothing 3-dimensional or flashy in effects. Reducing quality barely does anything.

In short, interesting game, but coding could be done much better. It would be much better to put a "wall" around the screen to prevent any kind of teleportation, for example.

Fun and unique game

You have really turned up the heat on this game What i originally thought would be just and average game, is so much more then that, Infact it turned out to be something pretty wild, so thanks for the detail work on this one. A fun game indeed, it was interesting to say the least, i wouldnt mind some more clear instructions on some powerups and what not but the game itself is pretty fun and an overall entertaining game, sounds and graphics pretty simple yet i found it still to be fun. very polished game. I didn't know what kind of game it was when I first opened it, but I'm glad I played. because it had some nice elements throughout and made for a real fun experience, so i, glad i had a chance to see this.

It's a bit silly, but at the sime time pretty amusing. Things you could improve would be some slight more detail here or there just some simple touch ups and so on but here is what also came to mind in improving on this nifty ideas, so try a few things out if you will. Fun game but would be nice to have more of a understanding of each power up and such.


It's nice just so difficlet with the laptop pad and not a computer mouse!

Fun game

Kept me playing for a while, thanks for the medals too!

Hard & Addicting

This was a pretty neat & addicting game,i found it to be pretty difficult especially going by the hard medal standards trying to go through the levels popping all the bubbles while avoiding getting hit,the control was a bit skiddish and real sensitive so it was hard to maneuver especially through narrow passages,overall i had fun with this game and think you did a great job. :)