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Explore an alien planet in a mission to clear it of enemy threats, ready for a new human colony. Pixel rich game with cool twists.


Shows a lot of promise

Blue Knight is a neat little game, with gameplay and atmosphere very similar to classics like Metroid and Another World. The game would benefit from a score and the action quickly becomes repetitive and dull.

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Surprisingly fun

This is a Metroid-type game, which is always good. But the visuals are far worse than they should be, and the game could've used a bit of music to liven it up.

Really good

Fun platformer. Feels like I played the same type of game a thousand times before, but it is well done. Cool graphics and junk. The game wasn't too long or too short, though it wasn't much of a challenge ;)

Really good job!

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too much walking with nothing to do
gets boring fast

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Great game! (made me feel like human crap)

Oh, man... Can't help feeling bad, like a superevil african-conqueror, devastating someone's entire culture. I may be tripping out, but I found it a great experience.

But that is surely a great game! The landscape design is very interesting, made me feel like exploring it all the way - I was always amused by wide open dead ends with nothing at all to be seen or done. Great job!

I'm still to be disappointed with the pixel platform/exploring games on newgrounds (hope it doesn't happen any soon!)

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4.13 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2010
5:51 PM EST
Adventure - Other