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Old cartoon from 2008.

This was actually drawn with pencil on paper and colored in ToonBoom.

...... what????

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that is some topnotch animation really good job man i love your animation,
really cool 24 fps fbf animation, btw i love avada cadavra


that was great! its funny, the aniomation is rock! keep that way man =)


Well this is funny but is very stupid..
Also es very short :S
Score 5...

Starring Pajama Sam

Seriously, this guy is EXTREMELY reminiscent of him. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you.

I found this short charmingly amusing, and as per usual, the animation is nothing short of spectacular, especially considering this was all done in pencil! It's all very fluid and delightfully cartoony! Should I ever encounter a very powerful god-like entity, I will likely repeat what is said in this animation as verbatim as humanly possibly.

Hey, I remember this!

As always, the animation is excellent.

The gag was simple, yet satisfying... although you get dinged a point for reused material, and the entertainment factor is worth a giggle, but nothing more...

Regardless of these nit-picks, it's always great to see stuff from you. you always deliver the fun factor for mostly all ages!