Aurora- chapter 1

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Who is Aurora, and why is everyone so afraid of her? You probably don't want to be around to find out, even though it seems as though she's very interested in meeting you...


Wow. Just WOW!

I love this game. I've always loved games that are involved in western, or retro types. Like Fallout.

But this isn't fallout. This is an amazing game that shouldn't be compared to console games. Great job, just great job. I love the artwork, and the design. Everything. I hope you make another one that's in a different environment. (:

Amazing art

The whole game was made very well, the art of awesome, and the music and logic was delightfully beautiful :3

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Amazing game

I loved it, it was interesting, not too hard but not too easy, really fun and plenty of things to see. The only reason I didn't give a ten is because I could never get the general store clock to chime, no matter how many times I set it to eight o' clock. And that really peeved my off because I couldn't finish the game.

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Nice Start

Beautiful art and good storytelling make this game good. Not the same level as a lot of point and clicks but it reminds me of Myst a lot.
Great job!

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Glitch + Review

I did find one glitch. After I bought a shovel and some other random things, I left the shop and picked the sheriff badge from the inventory, and the lineup of items was messed up and I couldn't put the badge away or click anywhere. The sound still worked so I don't think it just froze. So I had to start over, that was annoying.

But the second time around it was really good :) I wasn't even going to play until I saw that it was from Pastel Games, and I'm glad I gave it a chance. The setting and the art were wonderful, the story was interesting, and there better be a sequel.

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4.38 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2010
2:59 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click