Minecraft - Creeper Life

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Well, I haven't posted anything on Newgrounds for a long time. So, I am posting this.

And yes, it is VERY short (40 seconds) and should be like a prequel to a longer creeper's life animation. Well, I might do that if people like this animation. Also, if you think animating this is easy, for 30 seconds, it took me 3 hours. So please do not complain about how short this is. As I said above, just say you like it, give it a good rating and I will make a sequel to this, and possibly more short animations about more Minecraft mobs.

And yes, I converted the sounds in Minecraft to wav for the sounds in this.
Also, thanks to Notch for making minecraft, and C418 for making the epic music in Minecraft!

I can't think of anything else to say, so enjoy the short animation!


Oops! Forgot to add a play button. If it passes judgement, I'l add one.
Also, give your local creeper a hug! It's lonely!!! (NO CREEPER INSURANCE WILL COME FROM ME)
Also also, if you haven't noticed, I'm a horrible animator. (just adding that in because I wanted to say it lol)


Oops! I think I broke an NG guideline by saying that I'l make a sequel if you show you want one by voting for 3 lol. Well, you don't have to do that. Just write a review and yeah...


Want to watch this on your iPod Touch or iPhone? Look me up on YouTube for this video.


Added play button.
Somebody complained about the mom not being hurt, well now there are arrows.


Sad Adventure

Maybe one day the creepers and the steves will live in peace, but that won't happen in a long time. This is a good piece of work! You should make another one!Maybe turn this in to a series :b

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People find this review helpful!

that changed me>>>

that changed everything about me 10/10 Good work!!!

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"to shout"?

you mean short,lol
yea,it is a bit short but its cool
the dialouge between creepers was kinda cheesey
and it was kinda pointless to end your life as soon as you say
"look a cave,i might find more creepers"
anyway,it was good,keep up the good work

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too shout

i would give it a 10 but it was not long enouf

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3.17 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2010
9:52 PM EST