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Platform Plus

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Platform Plus (Also known as P+) is a prototype engine for platform games. This is just a test to see what the public say!

So, I hope you enjoy this small game!

PS: Some feedback on what sort of game you want would be helpful! Thanks...

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your flooding the flash portal!!!!!!!!!

its a good test and all but no need to flood the portal with it. i know from experience that if you put something in the portal JUST to test something, chances are, its gonna get blammed. i suggest putting it in the dumping grounds/ file storage, and make a post with a link to it

NATB100 responds:

Ok, i'm just doing it the old fashioned way. Thanks for the advice!

kinda boring

its was goodly made and stuff...

i guess if you would make levels with lava and stuff you could make a quite awesome game :P