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Gingerbread Circus 2

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Author Comments

~ Daily 2nd place and on the front page! Thanks to everyone who's voted!! :D ~

The circus is back and this time around there's...

a robot,
rock music,
and a reprise (or two).

I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. you can earn secret bonus points if you disable TB-800 without removing his shades

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My score:
Rank: B+
Comments: Good show! You almost Got an A!

It´s hard but fun to play.

Great game. Played this back in the day a hell of a lot.

Fun fact: If you hit the curtain before it goes off screen, it'll get stuck.

Awesome evolution of the classic Gingerbread version! The best thing about this one is all the variation between the tasks, and in difference from the previous one going apeshit and throwing knifes everywhere will actually have a consequence. Great graphics, great sound effects and a flashier introduction than the last version too. Nice work!


too rated T