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The Undead Survival Test

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The zombie apocalypse is coming... will you survive? Take the Undead Survival Test and find out! Not just questions, but also interesting mini games will assess your chances of survival. The Parasol Syndicate will throw you a party after the test. Which 'party' will you attend?

*** You Can Turn Off Sounds in The Right-Click Menu ***

Edit: Daily 5th Place! Thanks so much everybody!

I have read the Max Brooks books. I own over 40 Zombie movies. I've played all the resident evils, dead risings, and many others. I'm just a huge zombie fan, I'm not trying to claim to be George A. Romero or Max Brooks! Just have fun with it! ;)

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welp im fucked if the dead start walking but is there a way to be able to get the party

Low compassion? Jeez man, that hurt my feelings. Also, I clearly said that I don't have any skills in mechanics yet I got a great score on being a technician.

Good test!

I got a 94% with expected survival of the apocalypse of 5 years to indefinitely.

Problems with the test is some unnecessary questions such as the what color hat question and I was rated a C at the fitness section, even though I can lift 250+ pounds of weight, completed the running section and endurance section, and I have a muscular build. Being rated a C even though I have those qualities makes zero sense.

4 out of 5 stars.

10% Leader, 0% Driver, 0% Shooter, 100% Medic. but I would not last what so ever I for a F on almost everything, lol.

Funny thing is, I am a ZOMBIE BUFF. I own like every movie and The Zombies Survival Hand Guide for my Birthday..

Thanks for the screammers, and good game btw.