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Sonic:ReignOfDarkness 1

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Author Comments

Just call this 'S:ROD'. I`ve made ROD 1st episode. By the way, You might think that my way of speaking
and grammer is some strange. Then you`re right. Because I`m not American!

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May I please borrow your Sprite Sheet for Dark Sonic and Dark Amy please? I need it for something for Scratch. Please? P.S. My Cousin and I really likes Dark Sonic and Dark Amy and can you make another series where Dark Amy and Dark Sonic returns? And can you make it a/an RPG Game PLEASE?

wow, the fire power is making amy a hot=head, must be that time of the month

a real cyclone12 he he he

awesome but if future amy is hurt doesnt amy in the past (our generation amy) have to be hurt too? anway awesome work!

here is some things i think about this

ok thats what i think about it and if u want to see a pic of my hedgehog then here is what it look like

gold eyes
black body and green legs
head:dark blue
shoes:black,white and blue