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Avada Kedavra

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A down-and-out Draco Malfoy is taught by sinister Lord Voldemort and his creepy sidekick Wormtail that all his worries can be dealt with thanks to one unforgivable curse... Avada Kedavra!
Sit back, kill a muggle, and enjoy this dark parody of the Lion King's "Hakuna Matata", performed by Nuclear Bubble Wrap and Steve Goodie, with animation by a bunch of Flash animators from Albinoblacksheep.com!

It's all Death-Eaters here, folks. No actual appearances from Harry Potter, guaranteed!

There is one hidden scene. Keep an eye out for the "easter egg".

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Yes! Take note, hacks! This is how it's done!

Great animation, the lyrics are spot on, and it's hilarious! XD

What is this!xD

Goofy animation and excellent lyrics. Very clever!

My favorite Harry Potter spoof to date! Who would have thought Hakuna Matata and Harry potter can mix so damn will in this hilarious parody. Plus I love the little details like the random costumes :3