me and the key2

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Last week there was already an illegal copy that got buried, but this is the real deal!
Enjoy Me And The Key2!
Can you get the key in each level? Point, click, drag, drop, type and think ...


I really like this game! It's creative and fun! Also, this game is definitely replayable, you'll have forgotten most of the solutions in a few years. And even if you know how to do every level, it's still fun to execute it and reexperience the levels.

original and fun

I have to say, Bart Bonte is one of my favourite game developers; as usual, the challenges are creative and interesting. Unlike most puzzle games which repeat the same mechanic each level, Bart mixes it up with a series of unique brain-teasers. Overall, a refreshing addition to the puzzle genre which certainly deserves more attention.

fun and challenging.

but no one is obligated to know your name, that lvl rly sucked

me and 2 key

i liked the first one, and i like this one as well. i really like games like these, where you have to figure out what to do for a short part of the game. sorry to hear that there was an illegal copy, i didnt see it, but i gave you a 5 in hopes that this one gets a much better score!

bontegames responds:

Thanks! Yes in the end, this one got a better score than the illegal one :)

Very good!

The only flaw is that sometimes you can't understand what to do. Other than that, EPIC game bro!

bontegames responds:

Thanks! Well my intention was to have no instructions at all and make the figuring out a part of the game. Cheers!

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3.92 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2010
12:42 PM EST
Puzzles - Other