Meteorite smash

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Still a few bugs. and will be adding new background sometime this or next week


11/17/10, got sounds to work. will be adding a new weapon and a score board as well as fixing bugs and a new background.

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It's a start

Seems to me as if this game is still in an early beta stage. Right now there isn't much of a game here. I can move around and shoot asteroids, but why should I? There doesn't seem to be any score counter (there where some numbers on the screen, but they kept changing constantly, mabye a bug?) nor does there seem to be any more levels than the first "stage".

Also, I could move my ship outside of the game screen. There seemed to be no border as it took quite some time to get back into the screen if I pressed the button for one direction for some time.

So yeah, add boundaries to the game, add a working score counter and maybe some more levels and you have at least a decent game here.

{ Review Request Club }

Weak and bugged.

There's really not much of a game here; it looks more like an engine. To give it more of an interactive feel, give the player something to do. The score doesn't really do anything but flicker back and forth, so there's no real goal. I literally moved my ship beyond where the meteors could hit it and parked there, which would make the game way too easy if it really worked.

What you need to do is create an atmosphere. Why are there meteors in front of a brick wall? Set it in space or some kind of apocalyptic area where a meteor shower is ending humanity (or whatever). Throw some fire on the boulders; randomize their speed more. They need to present more of a challenge to the player. It's not unusual in this game to just wait in the exact same spot with nothing hitting you.

In addition to changing the background, change the dynamic of the game. Have the background scroll along and add different obstacles. I'm sure there are a couple sublime space backgrounds available in the Art Portal; definitely look around and then see if the artist will let you use it.

Add to that atmosphere with some background music. The Audio Portal's a massive resource. I think some thumping, fast-paced techno would work very well for a piece like this. Also maybe randomize your sound effects. Not every boulder explosion should sound the same, but that's really a secondary concern.

Also, I'm sure you've heard enough about glitches, but I'll just list the ones that bothered me the most. When I shot stuff, sometimes pieces of it stayed on screen. At one point, there was this thing that looked like a card surrounded by black dots that just stayed on the screen when a boulder collided with my ship. That's a serious problem. You can't have clutter in a game where you need to avoid obstacles that fly around everywhere.

Take the advice that the rest of the Review Request Club and I gave you, and you'll be well on your way to making a game that stands up to other side-scrollers and avoidance games. However, to really make an impression, you'll need to innovate. Think about something that's never been done; don't be afraid to try to make a game you once thought impossible.

Review Request Club

I've seen better

This game is buggy and Glitchy. Even though you used the Game Factory its not really an excuse and can be easily fixed.

I usually pull off a lot of stuff in the "likes" section but can't for this submission. The flash has some decent sprites. If you made those sprites props for that. There are some good sound effects in the game. They are used appropriately and correctly.

Quite a bit of bugs. The numbers in the corner I ave know Idea what the purpose of those were for. Not sure if it was a timer, points, or some other thing. There was no music either. Playing the game was so Dull without Music. Good music is a key to a good flash. The pixels for the flash are a bit off. Cause there are a few blank lines on the flash and its not distracting it just ruins the quality. And when you would explode or the meteor would get destroyed it would leave some stuff behind. And after shooting about 30 meteors it gets annoying. The menu screen and replay screen are to boring. Just a blue gradient with text saying "Press space to (re)play". There could of been a lot more quality in the flash if all of this was fixed.

Fix all the bugs and add some background music. You need great music to have a great flash. Without music it just falls apart. Even if the music is simple like a small loop its still better than nothing.

-Review Request Club-

CAN-OF-SPAM responds:

Ok, i made 2 others after i made this and the final version is a hell of a lot better.

Needs work

Well, what I'm seeing here needs a lot of work...

I'm assuming the spaceship graphic is a stock picture that comes with the games factory because I've seen it in other submissions. I'd first suggest getting a different ship - something more personalized.

The background is a brick wall, which is a bit strange. Not only that, but the meteorites look like almonds to me. I would recommend changing both of those - unless that's the look you were going for? It just feels like I'm shooting almonds with a spaceship in an alleyway at this point.

The sound effects aren't terrible, but the firing sound is a bit strange...any way to turn down the volume on it a bit? I, personally, wouldn't mind if you had far more asteroids/almonds spawning and an autofire option, personally, but I suppose it depends on what kind of a feel you're going for.

The score counter? at the bottom right doesn't work, it just spams random numbers which looks really strange and gives a broken feel to the game. I would recommend either fixing that or scrapping it altogether.

I think the biggest problem in this game is that is has no sense of purpose. We aren't competing for a high score because the high score doesn't work - and correct me if I'm wrong but this is only a single level. If you added more levels, some bosses or different ships to fight, gas canisters to collect, just about anything it would feel a lot more full and complete to me.

Keep at it, and don't get discouraged by low scoring reviews. Just take the criticism to heart, and learn something from it. Don't take it personally at all. Hope this helps.

CAN-OF-SPAM responds:

Thanks, for reviewing. in the time that this was made i made 2 more a few days later and there ALOT better.

Buggy and not all that good.

I think that this does mean there is a huge scope for improvements to the game here. You're here with no real scoring system, or goal of the game, save avoiding the asteroids, which are infrequent and if I just stood still, I'd avoid most of the hits for 10 minutes.

Firing is good, being bereft of the "autofire" function. Don't change that, as I like having to interact. Perhaps with the scoring system, you'd lose a nominal amount of points for spamming ammo into space?

The fact that the debris remains on screen and your ship flies behind it only screams of poor layering. The ship needs to be the top layer, while other things fly past behind it. You're focusing on the ship, as a player, you don't need distractions to remind you that it's just a game.

Perhaps mitigate some of these issues, by making it a side scroller. Throw in some powerups, a plot and even some boss fights and you'll be looking at a much better game, without that much effort. What is to say that you couldn't add checkpoints, where you can repair, upgrade and so forth to your ship, possibly even adding some bonus missions (if you clear this next sector in under 2 minutes 30, I'll give you a booster unit, for example)

A lot of potential, I look forward to seeing you make use of it.

[Review Request Club]

CAN-OF-SPAM responds:

Thanks for the review, in the next 2 i made alot of these bugs and glitches were fixed.

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1.59 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2010
10:51 PM EST
Skill - Avoid