November 15, 2010 –
October 25, 2018
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You are a vampire hunter. Word on the street is that a vampire just moved in somewhere in the neighborhood. Even worse, it's a King Vampire! Can you hunt it down before it turns the whole town into bloodthirsty undead?

Craft stakes, chat with locals, build barricades and more in this exciting vampire adventure!

Instructions can be accessed from the menu; they may be worth a read-through. There are some useful button shortcuts and more info on the game itself in there.

Enjoy! And don't be discouraged if you wind up with a low grade... You have to work for it!

Also, if any artists out there want to talk to me about reworking the graphics, send me a message.

Bug: Sometimes, for some reason, the text will get stuck being underlined and bolded. I don't know why; the fact that it only happens sometimes, and seemingly at random, makes it hard to diagnose. The only solution is to reload the game. However, since formatting doesn't really affect gameplay too much, you can still finish the current game at least. The log will be bolded and underlined, but you could fix it manually if you really wanted. Sorry.

Edit 11/17/2010: I have so far failed to fix the text bug; I think it's a problem with Flash, not me. But of course I'd say that. Anyway, you can still copy a clean HTML log even if the text appears underlined and bolded in the game itself, so there's that. But hey! Now red letters appear on the houses after you lose. A G denotes a Grunt, an S is a Spawn, and K is the King.


Goes on a 6x4. Builds baricades around own house.Plans to be a murderer,Goes down to the house below own,Kills person inPerson inside is vampire king. becomes sad due to no wanted level butt a A++

this game has a really cool concept and i'm a big fan of the music but after playing for a bit i can only make defences and stakes, might be a glitch. cant wait for an updated version of this game :D

its alright

and i only say that because of the games over all look, its evident that you took your time with how the game works but the look of it just makes me want to stop playing, there needs to be more time and effort into making this into something alot more deserving, i suggest a collab with someone to over haul the UI and add a actual character and things like that, it could be great and that why you get 10 stars

<deleted> responds:

Thanks! I admit, I'm not much of an artist. To me, if something's unnecessary (such as graphical flourishes), I see no reason to bother including them. But it's apparent that many other people prefer them to the, er, sort of bare-bones interface I have up now. Ah well. Thanks for the ten! :D

Like it ;)

Keep up the good work.I expect your next game to be a lot better though.

Take a helping 10...soon Trolls and Grammar Nazis will start voting down.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks a lot. I'm generally pretty good with grammar, though; I'd actually like it if someone pointed out any mistakes I made as far as that goes. I'm glad you liked it!

It's ok...

But it's still good enough to deserve 10

<deleted> responds:

Thanks a lot!

Unique Idea, but could use a more attractive UI

As others have mentioned, this is a unique idea but it does seem to get a little old fairly quickly. I find it interesting that people just let you build defenses or sleep at their house...

Some suggestions for improvements:
1) Animated Speech bubbles would be a cool graphical upgrade.
2) Put a "suspicion" indicator on each house that would increase or decrease as you converse with them. Maybe do this automatically for an "easy" mode, or manually for more of a challenge?
3) Put a skull and a number on each house where the occupants died relating to the night they were killed. It would be nice to visually see killing trends (presuming victims arent completely random).
4) It would be nice to know after getting arrested or being bitten where the GD Bloodsucker was actually staying. :)
5) Create an avatar for your character to move around the neighborhood. Same with the police. It would be cool for them to actively investigate and harrass you if you get in their way.

<deleted> responds:

I actually really like some of your suggestions for graphical updates, I may actually try to implement some of them. The suspicion indicator is a good idea, but it may not be practical since a person can be bitten after you've already talked to them and believe them to be normal. The skull and number thing is good, as is the police idea. Maybe I'll make all of these graphical things optional; some checkboxes on the menu screen would do.

Thanks for the ideas!

Very Unique Idea

Very unique idea. I like specifically how you can customize the size of the playing board. it was great how much attention to the different details you paid. with a little more work and polish you could have a great sequel in the works.

<deleted> responds:


Not a bad game at all.

It's pretty solid, has all the basics but lacks anything that will make me come back and want to play more. Needs more of a WOW factor, something that seperates it from other games of its type. Otherwise, solid and basic, good work.

<deleted> responds:

Other games of its type? I guess I've never actually seen any... Sorry you weren't wowed, thanks for the review!


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3.95 / 5.00