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Alan Sugar

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Author Comments

I made this for a college product its the first flash I've EVER done (seriously) Um i need responses so I can improve I need to work on the improvements as part of my course so PLEASE comment saying what I can change, thank you.

Oh and if you haven't seen Cassetteboy's parody you should watch it first here: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=Yxi6QDwQyLU&feature =&p=58E1DC54034F82C9&inde x=0&playnext=1

Update: I have fixed the sound thanks for letting me know :)



WOOOOOOO! Can you guess which member I am?

OT: The animation, while better than what I can do needs work. The head bobbing has been mentioned time and time again, so I'm gonna mention it again. WHY. DOES. THE. HEAD. BOB? Seriously, it needs a little more work before you release it again.

to many things wrong

The walking animation seems realy bad and unnatural. is he some kind of weird crablike creature?
the head constantly bobs the same animation, not very lifelike is it?
why does the unicycle keeps spinning?
the sound seems to abrupt in the begining and stops somewhere in a sentence and immidietly stars the next sentence. i coulden't make out what was being said when that happened.
i quote "some electronic item" and a mouse and xbox controllet get out. not only should it be 1 thing, but probaly something a bit more technical but less known? ( some kind of weird gadget perhaps ).
i quote "1 of my video machines" and then he poops out a computer. should either be a console now or something like a dvd recorder or VCR even.
i quote "600 pounds of a fish" and then there's a tiny thing that barely resembles a fish with 600 on it.
The animation doesen't has an end and keeps going on forever.
i quote "4 lolipops" yet there's only 1

if you make something, please be persistant and at least keep the simple details right.

Uhm... Well...

I give a seven, but only as a combination of pity, and potential. It could be so much more. If only you dealt with the bobbing head, the bad arse-close-up, etc. Little things, but lost of them.
Otherwise, it has some humorous potential, particularly the audio. But even then... Casseteboy...

faye921 responds:

Thanks I'll work on the bobbing head, I know the arms are a little stiff as well.

Wonderfully strange XD

Tho the ass close up really scared me O.o

Is that some one impersonating him or did he actually say that?

Dont remember that ont he apprentice xD

faye921 responds:

He's really saying it but it's a remix (Cassetteboy on Youtube just mashed up the Apprentice clips, you should watch the full video it's amazing!!!! http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=Yxi6QDwQyLU&feature =&p=58E1DC54034F82C9&inde x=0&playnext=1 )

what is this?

you should work hard on a good animation next time

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Credits & Info

2.49 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2010
10:22 AM EST
Comedy - Parody