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WAIT FOR IT TO LOAD - Pre-Loader=None

My 1st ever Flash Project, and ofc 1st one to be released ^^.

And yah - this game is Never Ending, I made it just for fun ^^.

If I will have free-time i will make some Secret way to Win :)

p.s. iPOD (Funky Edition) Simulation - coming soon ;)

i bet this game will get Rejected but IDC ^^

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frikin awesomeme!

lol i joke but its alrite jus change bits n pieces :D

DeBjrotux responds:

Problem is..
I suck rly hard at Art and Colour-Combo'ing :(

It makes no sense

I click attack and my character raises his hand very slowly and shoots a bullet to his enemy face, a twirl comes around (darkheal - whatever that is) and we go back to the beggining. There's no sound, no gameplay, just one loop scene that isn't really good.

I'm not a programmer and I'm sure this is way harder than it looks, so to be constructive:

You can make a duel game based on mouse control. It has been done, but you're learning flash and not really trying to be original. You click somewhere and have to get to a target faster than your enemy and click again, for example. That adds game play.

You could also make a turn based duel game, but you would need to add more skills, a health bar, a menu with instructions, upgrades.

I know it's your first flash project but if you do have more free time work on making your games, or animations, more interesting.

Good luck.

DeBjrotux responds:

i'm planning to make good rpg game, this was just test that could i do

Come on, Kid.

This is just a flash, if you're capable of making buttons, then you must be capable of making various attacks. I'd like to see you make another one of these it the future, but with the features I just mentioned.

DeBjrotux responds:

I will make one in future


thats just dumb. you shouldnt submit a game just to try to get it blamed. this "game" has no point only one button and no score, counter attack, variety, descient animation, or point. yes i know i said that last one twice. please save everyone the trouble and take it off.

DeBjrotux responds:

This is my 1st game =/ i was testing that i can do.

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1.72 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2010
5:01 AM EST