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Diesel Valkyrie

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Normandy Boss 5 Points

Defeat the Normandy Boss

Accuracy 10 Points

Get above 90% Accuracy in a level

Berlin Boss 10 Points

Defeat the Berlin Boss

Demigod 10 Points

Complete a level on Demigod difficulty

Bitten 25 Points

Complete a level receiving at least 50 bite marks

Epic! 25 Points

Get an Epic combo (90x)

Leningrad Boss 25 Points

Defeat the Leningrad Boss

Stomper 25 Points

Get at least 50 Zombie Stomps in a level

BBQ 50 Points

Get a BBQ ratio over 75%

Author Comments

** Medals Included (waiting for approval) **

Control Brunhilde, a female steam-punk killing machine, against massive hordes of nazi zombies. Travel World War II Europe, bringing peace back to several cities and finally freeing the souls trapped in these zombies. Unlock 10+ different weapons and items that help you along the way including Flame Throwers, Shotguns, Mini-guns, Grenades, Turrets, and more! Totally custom art work and sound track cap off the action filled excitement you will experience while mowing down zombies in a gore filled blood bath. Fight epic boss battles that take serious time and strategy to overcome.

We made this game as a nice side project from our typical adventure games. The main goal was to create a great looking zombie shooter that allows for 50+ zombies on screen at a time in a fast paced environment. We understand that many of you will not like having only 8 directions to shoot at, but we figured this would help the game's difficulty, as it is more about running and getting into strategic positions. It would also be virtually impossible to have 360 directions, since this would require creating and animating graphics for each degree.

*** Do not play WIMP mode unless you really suck at shooting games, as it was added for newbs.

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pretty difficult

Kill more kill Nazi Zombies, this game is great. Player need move all time and pay attention what is going on on battlefield, specially where wepons drops. It would be nice to have some customize or upgrades to exo-siut like maybe jumb or run, but even without it this game is awesome.

"We understand that many of you will not like having only 8 directions to shoot at (...) It would also be virtually impossible to have 360 directions, since this would require creating and animating graphics for each degree."

This has to be the greatest B-word i've ever heard and I consider it insulting to use it as an "apology".

You didn't need graphics. You could just leave the 8-dir sprites as is, and make JUST BULLETS travel on a 360º radius. Very few people would actually care. I wouldn't.

The issue isn't precisely the 8-dir shooting area, but properly that coupled with the game design. Cyberdogs has a 8-dir shoot style and is a great game, because enemies don't behave the way they behave in this game, nor levels follow the same design.

Also, there are plenty "Mecha" games that are older and have fully functional 360º radius of fire.

Now, about the hitboxes, they are unforgiving, and quite unfair.

Game becomes boring quickly.

Difficulty is useless - Win one stage on demigod for the medal and the rest on wimp. Still awards all medals.

Summing up, a good premise but a bad execution that ruined what could have been a great game.

Difficulty pushes you, and the 8-way shooting makes it harder, although the Demigod medal is easily achieved using Rampage mode, at least that did it for me.

Seriously what's wrong with the programmer's head?!
-glitchy controls
-8 way shooting + score graded on precision (what?)
-zombie soldiers: damn them and you to hell!
1) able to shoot trough the horde to hit you, half the time you die without seeing who shot you,
2) also have triple the life of regular enemies
3) don't burn!
4) allways in the middle of the horde and so untouchable
-infuriatingly huge sprite hitbox that gets you hit even by shots that missed visibly!
-messed up collision hitbox: half the time you miss the powerups even WALKING OVER them,
-stupid powerup drops: here's the powerup, on the other damn side of the map!, idem the next ones
-messed up character respawning and hordes spawning:
you have yust been killed among an horde of zombies and are respawned exactly in the same place so to be killed instantly again?! WTF!! also zombie spawn under your feet constantly, really dam it!
-zombies touching you slow you down a bit, would be accettable with a reasonable hit box, as it is they currently stop you in place even by passing near you.

The basic premise of the game is fun, the music is good and the graphics are appropriately cartoony, tecnically speaking there are too many flaws that were never addressed.

N.B 360° shooting wouldn't require more sprites, just adjusting the effective firing direction