100 ways to die!

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Well, I've spent a while on this game, and It's my 6th or 7th game. Tell me what you think!


The controls suck!

I enjoyed this one

For a functional game that is not spam, you start off with a base score of 5.

What I liked:
+ 1 The smoothness of the controls
+ 4 The level of creativity and variety in the different puzzle/maze things.
+ 1 The different trainers who each have distinct personalities when they give you instructions

What I did not like:
- 1 The colors (on the first one) were a little harsh on my eyes.
- 1 On my second puzzle, I lost my line drawing ability frequently

(I know you don't have control over this- but a lot of times, the ad at the beginning hogs the screen, preventing me from playing [even though I know the game is fully loaded.]. Because you're game is hosted or sponsored by Mochimedia- which sometimes doesn't notice when the game has finished loading- I'm not going to take off an extra point)

Final score:


1. I would not suggest a maze that starts off having you go in a diagonal direction (other than a perfect 45 degree angle) until the mazes start to get harder later in the game. I died a little too often.

2. I would also like to hear some sound effects or music inserted in game. Believe it or not, really good music can raise a game's average rating by one whole number (as an example, example: a game without music might get a 3.25 star rating just for playability and story. But if you were release that same game with some addictive music added, it might get up to 4.25)

3. Add a story mode. The story doesn't have to be anything too involved. The story could be that you, the programmer, got sucked into his own flash game (which was going to be a series of puzzles.) If this were the case, you'd create a sympathetic character for the player to latch on to as the main character (the programmer) keeps pleading for you to not give up and move to the next flash game (which he supposes might kill him or erase his memories.) The character might also spend a lot of time walking the player through the controls, telling the player what the cheat codes are, trying to prove to you that he is human, or asking you if you've seen any news about a programmer at (123 Fake Street) who went comatose at his computer.

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alexkolozsy responds:

I know you made this a long time ago, but I just checked my messages (I did not know how) and found this review. It's not like the normal review you find, I.E. "Game sux nub", It was really helpful! I may re-open this project and use your suggestions! Thank you for the helpful review!

This is crap to the highest degree.

I try to be fair about this kind of thing, but.... ugh. Art is sloppy, no ambiance, no actual challenge.... If this is your 6th game you have learned very little about making games.

alexkolozsy responds:

Sorry, but you obviously didn't play past the first level. Anyone who plays past the first level agrees it is a pretty good game. I guess everyone judges a book by it's cover. Gotta remove that level...


How the hell do you pass the level where your supposed to kill your target with a rock?
Not a bad game though! Funny

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So slow.

It takes forever to move the ball any distance, and if you DO make a mistake, it takes so long to get back to the key or wherever you were. The giant ad-cursor was distracting and unhelpful.

Nothing sets this game apart as a fun experience.

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1.96 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2010
6:51 PM EST
Puzzles - Quiz