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Dawning of Darkness 5 (P2

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http://shadefalcon.newgro unds.com/news/post/759764 #comments
{{{AWESOME! Review Crew Pick, first time I ever got this award, just fucking awesome, thanks guys for all the great reviews, means a lot. =) }}}

{YES! Daily second, highest award I've ever recieved and my first award on DoD, awesome, thanks so much to all my friends who voted and helped me out, and to all my fans, and Tom Fulp for the increase limit on my uploads.}


Special thanks to Tom Fulp for the upload limit increase.

The flash is about 30 minutes long, factoring in how fast of a reader you are.

Ok, it's been a long time now since anyone has seen DoD work from me, well I'd like to thank you all for the patience, I appreciate it. This past year has been quite trying for me, and I've gone through numerous life altering matters, which delayed this work, as well as made me want to start working on MY OWN 100% original artwork that I left in the wings for some time now, especially since I've finished my first year of college, finally. Well I can honestly say I'm growing tired of DoD now and want to focus on my own 100% original art, seeing as how DoD is only half mine. Now this doesn't mean I'll quit DoD, as I'd hate to leave anything I started un-finished, or half assed. So, I've written up the plot synopses for all the episodes in the series, which comes to 13 episodes in total, making some a few parts as well, obviously. Including this one which had to be cut into a 3rd final part that most of you are already aware of, and THAT part, will show you who will die, and will come out in a few months and from there on the series will kind of be taking a turn toward a blood bath since I have waaaaay to many characters on this damn series. So, I need more time for my OWN artwork, which will include, pictures, my OWN character designs, a horror film idea, songs I've written that I plan to sing, and have come up with a band name, and image for, BUT, I still need a good vocal recording Microphone for the computer, and an audio artist who wants to work with me, and split the profits. So, I guess that's it, read everything through that you see please, as well as the little disclaimer I put at the beginning to cover my ass. So, hope you all enjoy.


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That's one of the most advanced Dawning of Darkness Episode with improved animations and nice close-up shots. :)

And I found Kiritsu so interesting character.