Tiny Massive Galaxy

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So this game was originally Two Hearts Beta, which people quite liked. But when I finished it I decided the game was more about creating your own maps and sharing with friends, so I changed the name.
There are still some sounds I need to add I'm sure - I'm sure I'll tweak it over the next few weeks so if anyone finds bugs please let me know!
Also, I need to document how to use the map editor, since without any documentation most people will be stuck! So expect an update explaining that shortly too!
Hopefully people will like the game and have a lot of fun with it. I'm hoping to see some awesome maps in my inbox over the next few months!
Note: when I tested this the sound doesn't work, but only on NewGrounds. Not sure why. I'll try and figure it out!


Nice work...

... 10 for the effort!


I thought this game was really good! The graphics style is really cute. Feels a little odd to be a one-eyed square sliding around but i thought it was cool :D
Also could'nt stop laughing at those other square guys that kept saying things like 'Why am I just standing here waiting to die?' :P
You did a great job with this, keep it up!

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nick1972uk responds:

you're a one-eyed square because I can't draw very well :)


I really like this game! Good job I hope to see more like this from you in the near future!


Dunno why, but to me it looks like a Super Mario Spore style.


I really like this game.Its actually the best i played and it is preety weird controoling a one eyed blob XD.The sounds are good,the hazrads are good,especially the meteorites and that bomber balloon.The levels are well set up,some which take strategy and skill.Sometimes you may rage quit,but you will still come back to this game.

This game is really good for people with good creating skills and good strategy.And remeber...in this game....patience is the key,

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3.52 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2010
7:51 AM EST
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