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So (random) flash

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Hello guys!
This is my first flash. I know it kinda sucks but it was fun making it. The voice is done by me.
(yes.... my voice sucks XD) Tell me if there's anything I need to aim on.....
There's also a secret scene!!! It's easy to find it (REALLY EASY).

I do not own the sound and audio and copyrighted works.


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LOL this is alot better than anything ive made BECAUSE IT HAS SOUND mine don't

i like it

it´s good to be your first animation, and remember, Rome wasn't build in a day, just practice more ;D

you amazed me. seriously.

i agree with cdjprod. the best amateur flash i've seen here. the other guys who voted 0, that's what we called the TROLLS. you should keep producing and someday you'll be a famous artist. it's up to you how to manage it. just don't give up.

some of the scenes made me amazed and surprised. this is better than i expected for a first flash. you're pretty lucky because if you believe me, my first flash got blammed. XD and i deleted my stuff there,the other with the low score.

keep this up.


COOL first flash!

I gotta admit...

This is one of the best amatuer Flashes I've seen. Kind of hard to follow what you were saying in the beginning, what with the piano music being a bit loud. I liked what you did with the "hidden scene" thing. Good explanation. You're on your way dude, just keep working on it.

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3.10 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2010
2:58 AM EST