The Clone Controversy

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Lucas went and made way too many clones. How is a galaxy far far away gonna cope with them when the war is over?

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Good flash.

This is a great idea for a flash movie, yet I gave you a 1 on interactivity. C'mon! Not even a replay button! (none that I could find anyway.)

previous reviewer, its a parody

First of all, if you played Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and watched Star Wars episode 3: Revenge of the Sith you would know what happened. Darth Sidious told the clones to do "Order 66" and basically the clones turned on the jedi. (Im not sure why the clones obeyed what the guy told them too) All the jedi died exect for Yoda and Obi Wan. Darth Vader then took the clone troopers, gave them new armor and weapons and they are now the sotrmtroopers. Also, the Clone Wars didnt really end, sure the droids were defeated, but then the clones were turned ito the bad guys. Also, good flash

its cool, i like it

ok, you got some facts wrong, most of the clones that survived the clone wars were given new armour (stromtrooper armour) and they were turned into stormtroopers, so none of them were ever unemployed

Im a starwars fan and umm yeah

Umm Clones are trained in miltary tehy are to dumb to do any thing else and umm well lets see there becse the Storm Troops and i found this to been well dull yeah all that happened was cloens walknig around and well lets me say nothing good the only thing funny is the umm wookie pushing the clones over

worth watching

pretty funny. its kinda hard to understand what they're saying sometimes, though. not super hilarious, but it will give you a few laughs

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3.13 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2002
2:56 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody