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Saturday Night Bloodfest

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Buckets of blood and fabulous prizes await!

WASD, or Arrows - Move
R/Num 0 - Reload
Mouse - Aim/Shoot
P - Pause/Access powerups

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Kinda reminded me of Smash TV,but this is much easier


I won! I defeated the giant robot! You can't do this to me!

This Game maybe 3 years old but it holds up very well the controls are smooth and the art is awsome and if you dont like the game fine but this is a good game thats my final word.

The game was rather fun and addicting... but I've found some strange problem where after I've completed the challenges on some of the rooms, it decides to say that I've failed and lose the game. :/

awesome game. and i thought of something: at the death screen, that guy looks like the troll face lol