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Alloy Tengu

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Author Comments

Mankind's final hope is Alloy Tengu. Save the Earth for as long as you can with the humans' all new variable geometry aerospace superiority fighter.

Up/Down: Thrust
Left/Right: Turn
Z: Gun
X: Missile
Shift: Transform
Space: Brake


Alloy Tengu is based on the transforming fighters from Robotech and Macross. The modified Asteroids-style control scheme struck me as the easiest method of making it seem like you're really flying a mission and not just playing a silly game scrolling through computers and grabbing magical power ups.

This version was really an experiment that got carried away (ain't it always?) so there's not much in the way of "game", just the control set-ups and AI configurations. Feel free to leave suggestions and requests for Alloy Tengu 2 because I will most definitely be making it.

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nice game

it really shows you potential

Nice Game


- Overall, it's a nice game. Like your previous game, Fortress of Fantasm, it lies just on the borderline between challenging and frustrating.

- The two transformation modes are a cool. Seems like the ship can fly faster, and doesn't take so much damage, but the humaniod mode can turn quicker, and can move quicker in reverse. However, I spend most of my time in ship mode, because the quick some enemies are really aggressive, and stay on you. Even with the faster turning speed, it seems I can't move out of their line of fire, turn and get a few shots, turn and move away again without getting hit.

- The AI allies are cool, too.

- The pixel art looks really good.
- The only thing is, the font you used for the title, "Victory", etc. While it looks great, it looks like vector art.

- The modified Asteroids-style controls take some getting used to. (: I still wish I could strafe, though.

- Music sounds good.
- Explosions could be a little louder to make the game more engaging.

- Are the enemies randomly generated? The highest level I made it to was 24. Some of the levels seem really hard, while other times, when playing the same levels, they are easy.

- When you die, the "you dead" text looks weird, because it's not in the center of the screen. Same with the "victory" text. Not sure if that's by design or not.

Again, cool game ya got there, soldier.
* salutes *

As you were.

- Ziro out.

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

Thanks for extensive review (I'm surprised they allow them that long). Glad you're enjoying it. I'll address some key points:

- Unfortuneately, challenging, frustrating and too easy are not universal concepts. I prefer to air on the side of too hard because I HATE action games that are too easy.

- I'm glad you think the ship (fighter mode) is more useful, since I find myself favoring the humanoid (warrior mode). I was worried because if one mode is too superior, it defeats the purpose of having a transformation system in the first place.

- The freshbot font has been Alloy Tengu's title font since 2005, so sorry, but we're stuck with it. (I think it is a vector now that you mention it) The other fonts and title bg are more retro looking than I would usually use.

- I thought about allowing strafing by holding or toggling Ctrl, but I feel this would be choice overload. In the last game, 2DX, you could drift and auto-target, which were good for many of the same situations, so you might see those return instead.

- The enemy groups are indeed randomly generated. The general quantity increases each round, so you can theoretically keep playing this version forever, but the lag would kill you off before you got too far. Future games will not duplicate this, unless it's an extra mode or something.

Thanks for playing, and thanks again for the feedback.

Good Job!

Nice game, addictive! The music rocks!!! but i rather play games without sound.

Please, you must create a story about Alloy Tengu and her name. :)

Very addicting game!

It's a very addicting game... it just seems to have a plotline and the difficulty is a little too high.

WTF does it keep freezing?!

I can't even get to lvl 1!

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

I'm sorry to hear that. I've been getting playtesters for a week now, and no one has had this same problem, so I have no idea.

There is a big black screen for making the interlevel ads work. If you get stuck there, you can always press Q to return to menu, or if you're stuck elsewhere, you can always pause and then press Q.

Credits & Info

3.37 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2010
12:01 PM EDT