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Epidemic features multiple enemies, a time based combo system and a mini rpg system. Strategize paths to avoid your enemies and eat up weaker viruses!

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Very clean and funny game. Good music

simple but fun

It has a non-complex but polished look to it. the gameplay is easy to understand and fun, as well as being challenging but not frustrating. I like the 10x combo powerups, and how the enemies merge to form one. The music fits the tone and pace of the game and doesn't get annoying.
The mouse option could do with a slightly faster speed, and temporary invincibility on respawn would be good.
Overall: A fun and interesting game which is simple but effective.

great game

so simple yet soo fun im adding to my favs the only thing i can say is more upgrades

Really great game

the randomness of the balls moving and the ability to not have to use the mouse is a bonus because it would be a hassle for ppl with a trackball. It basically is a great game of dodge ball. It should be front paged in my opinion.

Frontpage worth

I liked it.
Addicting, fun to play, music isn't that bad.
The only problems that i had were that the keyboard and mouse speeds differ a LOT. It was very difficult to control with the keyboard because of how fast it was, and the mouse was just too slow. And you could add in the How to Play that you will be put back to 1 if that timer/circle/thingy runs out.
Good luck with this!
Get everything fixed, and you'll have a 10/10 game!