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/For Halloween 2010 Collection/

Finished at the very last minute! A boy ends up coming upon a monster outside his town

I definitely wanted to experiment with no dialogue to tell a story visually, but the music and extra little sounds definitely help make the tone a lot clearer. Atleast I hope

Anyways, Hope you enjoy it!

Runtime: 2 minutes
Music: David Powers and Sherbethead
Background Voices: Noah Scammon
Everything else: Me

All music was used with permission :)

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I can't get enough of this cartoon, it's soo dreamy and pretty!

You have a very cute art style.

I like how you make your characters smile, amongst other expressions. The music was very creepy in this to, hinting at a halloween type cartoon and you portrayed the emotions through both the characters very well with your art style. I think that if the music wasn't there, it would've been seen as another humorous cartoon that doesn't really invoke any number of emotions except laughter. Your animation is great even through it doesn't have that smooth a tranmission. It just adds to the characters of your cartoon. Words aren't always needed! :)

So Neato

I really enjoyed your video. I kinda knew it was gonna end horrible for the kid--BUT he did it to himself lol. Great job with music and animations.


super ultra fantasimo!
but srsly eerie music odd animation and a seemingly nice story using no dialogue with a twist

Great colors

your lines and colors and just general artistic sensibility makes your stuff really nice to look at. I really liked this one.

same with all your threadless pieces :)