Skitzo the 1920s Bear

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Sadly my cartoon ep of "In The Dark" did not make the Halloween deadline and I will be releasing it later in Dec. In its place for Halloween I am submitting a Skitzo the 1920's killer bear short. Skitzo cartoons were all destroyed in the 1920s because people who watched a full episode would become mentally insane and murder people. Now all we can find are the scraps. He is a character that appears later in my In The Dark series as well and you can see a tiny clip of him in my trailer too. Happy Halloween Newgrounds!

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Would we ever see a 5 minute film of skitzo?

Comick responds:

I'm pretty sure that would leave to instant death! :D But actually, yeah we might see a longer Skitzo toon in the future. It might not be one of his lost scraps but it might be in my animated series In The Dark (coming soon).


Comick responds:

Yup that's good ol Skitzo!

I love Skitzo! :D & I plan on getting a Skitzo Shirt sometime soon!

Such a fantastically made character. He's very cute, mysterious... and he seems like he's lost control, I love it!

Comick responds:

ah thanks a lot! Glad you like Skitzo :) more of his shorts to come...

I doubt anyone could have imagined such a cartoon existing so long ago,and maybe for good reason.This must have been the kind of cartoon criminals back then watched growing up.I wonder if any of the people behind today's adult animation were influenced(or possessed)by this seemingly harmless cub.Truth be told,I sympathize with Skitzo because based on what little I know from looking up his condition on Wikipedia,I believe he's not evil.As lame as it sounds,he simply can't help himself.

Comick responds:

Yeah his cartoons were playing in the old nickelodeons (nickel theaters) which were cheap and run down places and usually not well ventilated or mandated by health codes haha. The audiences could not have been inspired by the shorts since watching them lead to insanity, health problems and eventually death in grisly ways! Thats why all his pieces had to be destroyed....to save us from seeing them. Those SILLY historians don't realize they are unearthing something that should have remained buried and lost forever hahaha. Thanks again!

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Oct 31, 2010
5:13 PM EDT