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Gramma's Halloween

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I haven't posted anything on this site in forever.

Since I had to work this entire week instead of Halloween partying, I decided to make this little thaaang. I guess this can also be viewed as a cartoon about how old people drone ooon and ooon and ooon. Enjoy! Or don't... SEE IF I CARE. Ok alright you got me I do care :C

Also, Happy Halloween!

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Could be better.

The delivery on this just wasn't done right. The joke could have been better had it been delivered better. Nice try, though.


This proves that the zombie disease is an STD!!!

That can't happen!

The grandma had a holy cross on her necklace! How could she be turned into a zombie?
Zombies are not real anyway...


Satanic voice zombie grandma, damn fucked up. Also, Mario kid has a fuuuuucked up face.

great work

haha, that was really funny, never thought i would see a zombie run away from someone that is still living haha, cant wait to see more.