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A new turn-based arena RPG inspired to an unpublished novel-book and board-RPG.
Full custom gladiator characters. Post-apocalyptic armors and weapons. Spy your enemies and hire gladiator allies. Supernatural abilities: 3 different Paths, 18 Spheres, 90 special Powers! Voiceovers/spoken videos and dialogues.
3 arenas, 60 battles, against more than 100 different gladiator opponents for more than 10 hours gameplay!!
...The first single-player chapter of the oncoming multiplayer saga: sign up for free on apokalyx.com to become betatester!

Should you have already played Apokalyx on other websites before today..
The version 1.0.4 is the newest and it has solved:
- preloader white screen
- mutant video black screen
- attacking gladiators stuck in front of the target opponent
- quick armor wearing in Trader shop
- tavern bug after enemy card revealed
- character generation stats bugs (ref: intelligence and mutants 15to14)
- other minor bugs
The bug of special power freeze is very hard to solve. We optimized few related lines of code.
With Flash player version 10.1 installed the bug is fixed on many betatesters computers, but unfortunately not on all of them... sorry for that :(

All you need is the mouse. Point and click
Tutorial and instructions are in the game.
Full detailed interactive gameguide available online form a direct link on main menu.
Other controls:
- "M" to mute audio
- Click the mouse to skip dialogues (in Tutorial press "T" to skip all tutorial)
- "ESC" to retreat from a battle (useful when you find a rare stall situation)

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A decent 3.5 game. Pretty fun, but there are a couple of balancing issues and bugs due to which we can only thank the AI for being so stupid. I have already finished this game 5 times, this time I even challenged myself to finish it without ever hiring anyone. I died three times, but managed to do it.

1. when the enemy uses shapeshifting V (as mutant), he doesn't gain the extra HP that come from increased stamina and other stats
2. there are a couple of skills that restrict you from attacking, but they don't restrict you from repeating your last move.
3. paralyzing skills are disgusting, especially since they are spammable and therefore allow perpetual stun with no way of defence
4. if you choose your skills well, the end is too easy. If not, you're screwed. A respec system would be nice.
5. Brawl weapons are completely useless. My top pick is pole at the beginning and towards the end maxing slash as well, because slash has access to the best weapon in the game.
6. There's just way too much gold. What am I supposed to do with 29k gold when hiring two guys won't even cost me a 1000?

I liked the premise and the gameplay. The leveling system was clear and simple. After awhile I realized that my Stark One didn't need any backup and I began soloing it halfway through the Trunk Mount. The ending was kinda confusing, and I was left wanting more. Thanks for a solid, if short, gaming experience!

I had a lot of fun actually playing the game but the stats don't give a clear purpose for wanting them give for your power tree. The battles are what tick me off the most; I wish my 500Gs worth of Cannon Fodder would do more than buff themselves and scream intimidation at the enemy. I hired them to attack, the cannon fodder is nice, though. I like to learn and the game provided much freedom to create my own character and for that I'm grateful. This game is like the hardcore version of Sonny.

Are You Entertained!!??

Muy interesante el modo de combate pero ase falta mejorar.

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3.74 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2010
6:50 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG