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Rolling Fall

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Another one to get into the halloween spirit: rolling fall, cut the chains, release the balls and kill all zombies.

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it's all be done before

you of all people should know that there are other games like this. and, remaking it, you haven't changed much at all. i'm a regular gamer so i may find out puzzles a little quick, but i just breezed through this with ease. games like these have to have really challenging and interesting designs, or something to make them stand out besides just making the targets look like zombies; this just didn't cut it.

it's good

i've played worse

a little too easy

Nice fun game, but it needs to have some more challenging levels. I finished it much too quick


but the levels are too easy

Needs more thinking

The levels are basically easy. With only one way to solve every puzzle, but which is easy to see... because it's obvious. "cut this chain here and the ball will fall there"... and that's it.

But then cutting the chains in the only possible way that would solve the puzzle needs often pixel precision, while the chain and ball are moving and you need to be right upon it to be able tu cut. Even if you know how to solve the puzzle, you end up having to try again and again until you get lucky doing the cut.

In resume:

The way to do the cuts in Ice Breaker let's you have more control in the cut, the way it is in this game doesn't. Not good.
Every level has only one way to be solved. Fun is limited.
The way to solve each level is mostly obvious. Even less fun.

Otherwise, graphs are fine, physics are fine and I enjoyed the music. Is not that bad, I actually like it but I didn't go crazy because of what I mention above.