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Guitar Tutorial

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Author Comments

I guess this is a spin-off of my other tutorials for piano, except better!

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needs work...

The "g" chord is incorrect, and should be moved up a fret and the placement of the tabs reversed (it spans the same two frets as the "d" chord). I recommend that you fix this game up, using some people's not-so-nice comments below as guidance. It's not a bad try at a tutorial, but I believe the process of revising this flash will help you learn.
according to your strange placement of the guitar, which is upside-down in my opinion, the "G" chord should look like this:
XXXX with this side being the rightmost end of the guitar neck

up-a-notch responds:

yeah i will fix that


but it needs to be complete soo this its bullshit xDD

up-a-notch responds:


Not very good.

Everything is way too small to read, including the diagram, and the color scheme makes reading even harder. Never have a dark color on top of a dark background. As for the actual lesson, it's of minimal help, if any. This seems to be directed at someone who's never picked up a guitar before, and just telling someone who knows nothing about the instrument, "play this chord", won't get them anywhere. On top of all this, you decision to, on the diagram, make the low e string on the top, where as all standard guitar tablature places it at the bottom, baffles me.

Overall, this is of barely any use. There are countless good guitar tutorials on the web. Sorry to say, this isn't one of them. This needs a lot of cleaning up.

up-a-notch responds:

ok sorry

Good start

Ok, firstly you could use a better (and cleaner) sound for the chords. Secondly, fingers for the A chord are not the best, since it's better to use middle, ring and pinkie. It helps in playing song a lot. And thirdly, that's definitely not a C chord.
Except for these (in my opinion) mistakes, the tutorial is pretty good. I mean, I find useful to start with songs, rather than annoying scales and boring exercises.

up-a-notch responds:

sorry the font makes the G look like a C

One complaint

As far as the tutorial goes, I think it could be pretty helpful to someone trying to learn to play. The problem is the color scheme you've choosen. It's hard to see many of the words because the background is too bright for the text. It's a minor fix, but a necessary one.

up-a-notch responds:

I will fix that!

Credits & Info

4.01 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2010
7:44 PM EDT