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60 Frame Collab 3

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Edit: Front Page again. Woot.

Yes, this is just the third one of possibly many 60 frame collabs. This time we have decided to go for quality instead of quanitity which has been successive.

If you have any thing you want to say/ask please write it in the reviews.

Also, a special thanks to ForNoReason for helping out with some voicing, which was never used.

Visit his profile and spam his inbox.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this 2 minute 15 movie.

Also, all money that is raised from 60 Frame Collabs is going to BreastCancer.

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Wait a second!
... you said ForNoReason helped with voicing, but I didn't heard any voices...
So... did you just thanked ForNoReason for... no reason...?
Anyway, nice collab.

collab isgud..



Come here. let me hug your ass

Cool collab

Good Basis

I think this kind of collaboration is great. It attracts a lot of people, even those who don't have the time or energy to work on a whole movie, and the result is a funny montage of the most random sequences one can think of. I really think of joining you for part 4 or 5.

SteakandKidneyPie responds:

You can join if you like. PM me so I can guide you there. I am glad you enjoyed it.