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DBZ Cooler Soundboard

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A soundboard of the villainous Meta Cooler, the brother of Frieza, from Dragon Ball Z.

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Very cool

So here was a cool game I like the style here and was fun to see all the stuff going on the color was amazing the sound quality was decent, more sounds may be needed but overall this was pretty good of a game, maybe more flashy effects with each sound etc.

A few things mentioned.


I heard this in Bowser Jr. VS Mecha Sonic.

COOLER YAY! I wonder why he isn't in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast. ._.

Meta coolor sounds like if there wus a cyber nappa

Sounds like a cyber nappa XD

It's Good...

...But you left out the best line!
"The end has come!"
I always used to think that was so funny, then it stopped. I was looking forward to hearing it again, but oh well...