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[KK]The Dilemma (gay gin)

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Author Comments

The Dilemma is a tale of a young boy with a growing problem.
A dilemma (Greek: %u03B4%u03AF-%u03BB%u03B7 %u03BC%u03BC%u03B1 "double proposition") is a problem offering at least two solutions or possibilities, of which none is practically acceptable. One in this position has been traditionally described as "being on the horns of a dilemma", neither horn being comfortable, "between Scylla and Charybdis"; or "being between a rock and a hard place", since both objects or metaphorical choices are rough.

This is sometimes more colorfully described as "Finding oneself impaled upon the horns of a dilemma", referring to sharp points of a bull's horns, each of which are equally uncomfortable.

The dilemma is sometimes used as a rhetorical device, in the form "you must accept either A, or B"; here A and B would be propositions each leading to some further conclusion. Applied incorrectly, it constitutes a false dichotomy, a fallacy.

[edit] Use in logic
In formal logic, the definition of a dilemma differs markedly from everyday usage. Two options are still present, but choosing between them is immaterial because they both imply the same conclusion. Symbolically expressed thus:

Which can be translated informally as "one (or both) of A or B is known to be true, but they both imply C, so regardless of the truth values of A and B we can conclude C."

Horned dilemmas can present more than two choices. The number of choices of Horned dilemmas can be used in their alternative names, such as two-pronged (two-horned) or dilemma proper , or three-pronged (three-horned) or trilemma, and so on.

Constructive dilemmas--

1. (If X, then Y) and (If W, then Z).
2. X or W.
3. Therefore, Y or Z.
Destructive dilemmas--

1. (If X, then Y) and (If W, then Z).
2. Not Y or not Z.
3. Therefore, not X or not W.

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Needs more work

This was very bad to me, because it had so little that was going on. It was nothing but a man who was ejaculating and he was colored yellow with these weird sounds and backgrounds after awhile and that was it. I guess it might work well as an experimental flash. If you guys do not want people to write mean comments, then you should try to take their advice. You guys need a lot of work with coloring effects and need more things going on. I guess the intro with the yellow cats is alright.

Credits & Info

2.70 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2010
1:03 AM EDT