10 step guide to nerdism

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A small project made for Uni. We had to create an infographic guide in flash. I thought it might be fun to take the interactivity of the piece to a new level by making it similiar to a platformer game. It fit well with the theme of becoming a nerd.

Yeah, it's not super fun, and you can't kill baddies or anything. But Maybe in the future I'll use what I've made here to create something that actually is a game, and not an over glorified powerpoint presentation.

Difficulty doesn't do anything, it's just to enhance the idea that this is more a game than an instruction manual. So don't bother with multiple play throughs looking for differences.

P.s. The little dots on the webcomics part used to link to their sites, but I got rid of that for the newgrounds version, and changed it to something a little more.. Appropriate? Eh, your all gay anyway. =P



I'm a nerd here, particularly obsessed with math. I get your point, but really this is just another logical fallacy. Everyone will attempt to justify what they are. Nerds like myself are different, yes, and we have fun, yes. We are not, however, cool. Everyone has shortcomings, and this is the path I chose to walk not because it's perfect, but because it's the least flawed in my opinion. I'm not saying you're ignorant, just that trying to say that one group is better than any other will only result in the same discontent that makes everyone hate nerds.
Oh also, 40k sux ololol


Finally someone has showed to the world that nerds have their own awsome philosophy.It may be different and it may be critisized from other people.Those people are the real LOSERS because the only thing they are doing is getting drunk and trying to figure out how the TV's remote controll works(they are STUPID).In the end of the day, nerds are those who make the world to evolve with their exeptional brains,when party people still trying to figure out how remote control works.

P.S You want more nerd gloryness? Check out the TV show called ''the Big Bang Theory and this video again

nice one

I like this cause it represents nerds as something just as fun as going to parties and getting drunk...And between nerds and party people,I think we all know who the losers are

IzakFlashMan responds:

partiers, because they wake up the next morning feeling impregnated and hung over.

A short review, for a short presentation.

Nothing annoying about this. It was kinda short, but to the point.
Brevity is good.
I liked it. Being a nerd (writing a review for NG? Who would have thought such a thing?) I find that 90% of the things I recognized were from the influence of my girlfriend.
Anyway, it was clever, witty, and no annoying glitches. Congratulations. I give it 5/5, 10/10 mostly because I'm a sucker for these kinda thing. Also it was good.

Yeah... this wasn't very short. But it wasn't long. I rest my case.

Also, I need a badass sword. I guess I'll borrow my girlfriend's one if needed.

PS: I'd be interested if you made a longer and more involved version under the same style/humor.
PSS: This really isn't short at all. But whatever. I'm a liar.

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IzakFlashMan responds:

I like the fact that so far this is the longest review so far.
Yeah, I was trying to really avoid the cliches, thats mostly why I added that comment about glasses. It's sort of a subtle way to tell everyone "NO WE DON'T NEED TO WEAR VESTS, HAVE ASTHMA, OR WEAR GLASSES TO BE.. awesome."


i think that it was funny but was there really any point to the difficulty settings

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