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It's Complicated-EP.1

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The first animation in a hopefully ongoing series!...

Boo and Zan move into... err... run into their new house and begin remodeling, but Zan's stupidity and low intelligence level prove to be an obstacle TT^TT.

Made entirely by Boo and Zan. All sound effects as well.

hope ya like it!

it is meant to look crappy on purpose... I can draw better than this :D


Overall pretty good, develop it more

The humor/voices/and such were brilliant. I actually really really loved the end commenting banter between the two of you the most. If the animation would have been of mor fluid quality this would have been blue scored STRAIGHT outtta judgement. However there were points that were pretty well animated and overall i really enjoyed this.


i actually honestly enjoyed the humor. U guys sound nice together too, *wink wink*


definitley a ten keep it up! its nice to see a new series that is actually funny

whats up with their house? its scary

i really like the crappy-on-purpose-style and that you made all sound effects with your voices. pls keep that up and improve that. voice acting is always a hard thing but if you are used to it, it will be hilarious. keep practicing.

so for the construtive criticism:
one things i doesnt like was that i totally didnt understand what the whole thing actually was about. its too random. and the scene changes should be more fluid so the viewer doesnt get lost thinking "whats actually going on". at my first watch i just thought this is a collection of random stuff but it took me two times watching this to realize that they are cleaning up their new house (still funny). maybe introduce the story somehow or make it more clear.
also sometimes you were hard to understand what you were actually sayin. maybe add subtitles ? but that will also improve with youre voice acting ;)
i liked this concept of the guy who is kinda mad and do crazy to stupid stuff and the girl getting upset about it even biting in his head till he bleeds.
i really hope you will keep this series going, your style is very sympathic. you got definitly faved by me ;)

ZanMiller responds:

yeah... I tend to mumble. Enunciation would be something to improve on for sure. Im glad you liked it, for the most part.

thanks for the review!

10 for teh effort

and thats pretty much it..

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4.16 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2010
4:50 PM EDT
Comedy - Original