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Invader Void

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Author Comments

Are you ready to shoot invaders with high powered lasers and devastating nuclear strikes? Play this game!

Aliens are invading our solar system from another galaxy! You're the people of Earths only hope! Are you man enough to stop these wimpy little creatures? Let's find out!

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A lot of the game can be completed by simply staying in one place and jamming on the space bar. Also, it's very annoying that after everytime I die it asks if I want to continue. Of course I want to continue, I've got 7 more lives! Why do I have to take my hands off the controls and click a button, instead of just playing a death animation and going into the next life?

Like Space Invaders, but worse.

My main issue with this game is that the concept is one of the most worn out ideas in flash games. Shoot the things coming towards you. A lot of games on Newgrounds can get around the unoriginality of the concept by tweaking it slightly, but you just went with the same old crap. The enemies emulated the movement patterns of a game that is over thirty years old (with slight variations that I figure are more likely the result of lazy programming than you actually seeking to be different). You tried to spice things up with the "nuke," but that, too, has been done dozens of times before. The art is pretty well done, and without a doubt is the best part of the game, but without any real animation to it, it feels flat and unfulfilled. The music is a short, tiresome loop, but I don't really hold that against you since it's soft enough to be drowned out by the constant PEWPEWPEW noises. It doesn't loop porperly, though, so I would fix that. Honestly, I would try a different concept entirely, but if you were determined to make this type of game work, I would at very least add some more fluid motion in for the enemies, like how Galaga took the Space Invaders pattern and modified it to be less linear.

Credits & Info

1.75 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2010
3:29 PM EDT